Fees, Membership & Donations

Admission Fee (includes both buildings)

Adult: $5.00
Senior Citizen: $2.50
Dinosaur Trail Followers: $2.50
Under 16: Free Admission


Annual: $20.00 / year
Lifetime: $100.00

Why should you become a member of the Upper Musselshell Historic Society? Museums exist for several reasons: to document history, to collect memorabilia of a place’s past, to exhibit new and old ideas and life styles, for learning and to educate, to create partnerships, to explore ideas and to record social changes. Our Museum is dedicated to all of those concepts—our extensive collections reflect life in the Valley for the past 100 plus years; we encourage new exhibits and displays which reflect the Valley in contemporary times.

Membership in the Historic Society involves you in our historical quest and allows us to continue to evolve and include new ideas and technology in our day-to-day operations.


The Upper Musselshell Historic Society welcomes donations and bequests. The Society is a non-profit organization and all gifts of cash and items are tax deductable. If you would like to donate items or resources to the Society, please feel free to contact the president of the Society or the curator at (406) 632-5519.

Upon request, The Society will provide you with a letter confirming your donation. In addition, the Society would be happy to provide you with a copy of the Society’s tax exempt notice from the Internal Revenue Service.